Artist Statement


Art is about discovery. I enjoy being a discoverer. I am not trying to ‘capture’ anything. I would say that I’m attempting to explore something that ultimately can’t be captured.  When I’m lucky I end up with something new that could not have been envisioned beforehand.  Through a process of trial and error one finds out what it is that is wanted. It’s about constantly inquiring: “What does this artwork want?” A work may not reveal itself to me immediately or let me know what it is ‘about’. But I almost always know when it is finished.

This process is a mystery and I hesitate to over-analyze it. When things are working well the artist is really just the vessel from which the work is born. With small pieces this is often just a matter of a few elements ‘clicking into place’. With more complex artworks it may involve tinkering away for weeks or months. The finished piece ends up being true to itself, with its own unique gravity and its own set of rules.

I find collage to be a near perfect medium for this sort of visual journey.