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Eve Returned One Night In 1862

Collage, 2011, 17" x 17"

I found a vintage photo of a Victorian traveler taken in London in 1862. She called out for a sepia-toned world. I find myself doing this a lot; creating a habitat for a figure to live in. In this case the lady came first, but I most often will start a piece with the background. I’m very happy with this one. I could go on about my thoughts and influences here but I’d rather not kill the mystery. Let the title guide you.

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  1. Liz (Greenewald)Hightower says:

    I guess I missed this one when you first posted it. VERY NICE!!!! I really like how you tied the entire piece together with the sepia tones!!! I hope there is more to come like this :-) Just awesome!

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