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The Great Mandala of Stuff

There’s a way in which collecting the stuff I use to create my art is rather like hoarding.

In fact, collectors and hoarders have always fascinated me. There’s a surfeit of man-made stuff in the world, but to the collector it never seems to be enough. In truth I have enough material to make collages for many lifetimes.  I sometimes remind myself that I was happy with my collages back when I had very little material to work with, just as I’m happy with them now that I’ve collected many boxes of carefully trimmed, hand picked, curated paper scraps. It’s only on rare occasions when I search for a particular image to finish a piece and cannot find what I need.

Great Mandala

Collecting the raw images is a kind of obsession for me. It’s a fun obsession and it doesn’t cost much. I’ve been doing it now since I started making collages, in 1993. I have dozens of boxes of scraps, and in the process of making art I sort through them endlessly. Sifting, sifting, editing out what isn’t wanted “this time”.

Great Mandala2

It’s as if one day all these little bits will get re-arranged into art. And find their place somewhere in the great mandala of Stuff.

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  1. Cat says:

    wow! I love this. your site has a whole new look. It was great before, but this is even better.

  2. Randall Jay says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to posting and playing here.

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